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Dakota Physical Therapy, PC guides you to stay well. We want to invite you to learn how the science of endocannabinoids, nutrition and genetics via Kannaway CBD oil and nutraMetrix can help you achieve a new state of physical and mental well-being.

Learn more about Kannaway CBD oil here

Check out the nutraMetrix site here for more information and to learn more about these products.

Chronic stress, weight issues, poor dietary choices, and sleep deprivation are

just a few of the daily issues that many Americans deal with.


We want to help you feel better both mentally and physically.

Kannaway offers CBD liquids, salve, vape pens, gum and even pet products!


nutraMetrix offers:

  • Isotonix: advanced nutraceuticals for your body.

  • Gene SNP: learn more about your DNA and uncover how your genetics and lifestyle impact your health.

  • Transitions: a lifestyle system that can transform your diet and daily habits.


Footmaxx custom orthotics:  At Dakota Physical Therapy we use a Footmaxx 3D scanner to create your custom orthotics. From plantar fasciitis to shin splints, bunions to metatarsalgia, Footmaxx orthotics help correct a number of common foot and lower limb problems. Our Physical Therapist can determine which Footmaxx product is right for you, based on your condition, history and a thorough examination.

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